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09 September 2006 @ 05:05 pm
The Horrors of MySpace  
Well. Well. Well. Hello, Livejournal; you old friend, you. And so we meet again. Seriously, I haven't been on in forever, but I have a good excuse. Okay, it's not a GOOD excuse, more like a SEMI-good excuse hidden deep within the recesses of a really bad excuse. Here's the ick: My excuse is Myspace. Okay, that's BAD. Here's the "A-ha!": as a humorist, realist, memoirist and professional lazy ass, blogging on Myspace has proven to be more rewarding than not. My blogs have always had a certain purpose (yet none with integrity, strange)--Livejournal was for occasionally testing out writing and keeping up with specific friends, Xanga was for anger-writing (with names and dates and bitchery and muffins for all! obviously no one knows my alias on THAT one--I'd be in knee-deep in shit if they did), Friendster was for a specific group of friends from way back in the day, and Myspace was for my nightly brain dump, ie; trifling journal-writing that had almost no real writing to it and very little substance. The sticky wicket was this: without meaning to, I hit a wider audience on Myspace. That wasn't my goal. Through tracking it, I had about 8 people reading it a day. I could name all 8 of those people, and most of them live in my building. Boooring. Suddenly, I started getting about 100 hits a day, my biggest day being 215. Right now I average between 100-150. That's a lot of freaking people with even sadder lives than me, apparently. So. I must assist these lost souls in their daily, soul-crushing lives (they MUST be soul-crushed if they're reading my slag)--after blogging on Myspace, it's hard to jump over to Livejournal and wash-rinse-repeat. It's not as if I'm waxing poetic on anything real; I don't even do much writing on Myspace. But I give the masses what they want: crap. If it's crap they want, it's crap they'll get. I think this is how bad religions get started. Now I'm wondering how the band, Bad Religion, was started. Great, more research into mindless trivia that I'll never use again. Such is life.

Here's the link to my righteous stupidity:


Hope all is well with the Livejournal peeps!
Current Mood: amusedHorrified
beemachinabeemachina on September 12th, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)
Seriously. I sold my soul. But I'm getting over it.