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03 April 2007 @ 04:33 pm
Forever And A Day  
That's how long since I've posted in Livejournal and that's how long I've been waiting to post my blog on Myspace. Forever and a day--or, 234892056272 hours, if you're me. But as they are doing "special maintenance" on the blogs (which is a pile of wonky horseshit), I'm just going to post and link from here today. I hope all is well with my Livejournal buddies--long time no see!

* * * * * * * * *

Last night was fun--the Esq and I went grocery shopping (exciting!) and came home to make bologna sandwiches (sexy!) and watched The Science of Sleep (brilliant...again). The bologna sandwich I made for the Esq last night was so very special, so packed with the violent punch of love, he didn't even mind that it was as big as his thumb. That's real love. And the Skittle he carelessly threw from 3 stories up that landed with a resounding thwap-pa-ting! on my landlord's BMW was our entertainment for the evening; that Esq, he's so funny. We just hung out, and he made fun of me for wanting a thousand extra features on my land line, like "voicemail" and "long distance"...another day in the life of our healthy relationship. I'm kidding, he had me in stitches, as he normally does, even though I don't know what that means.

I'm *really* looking forward to tonight--well, I'll tell you about it tomorrow, I suppose. It'll be a scorcher--lots of domestic bullshit on the horizon! Today was a fairly snore-worthy day at work, just answering phones and twiddling my internet thumbs. I am liking the Best of Craigslist postings for distraction...although this little ditty was especially interesting today on Yahoo:


Colleen: ...I think I just screamed out all the gothy-ness that was left in me:

"The Cure frontman Robert Smith has teamed up with singer Ashlee Simpson for a collaboration on her new album."

(Sidenote: if you don't believe me, see for yourself: http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/42208587)


From the leathery hag-like halls of Brown Paper Bag (aka: "work") come these delightful instant message conversations to soothe the soul and bring peace to every minute of your day:


Colleen: Also, on top of that, he's passive aggressive, which means bully cats can beat the shit out of him and he'll let them.
Marika: Wow. Sounds like me in this relationship I had in 1997. Rad!


Word association game played with co-workers:

Marika: READY?
Emma: Okay.
Marika: *LOVE*
Emma: sex.
Marika: *mayonnaise*
Emma: cream
Marika: Eric Clapton?
Emma: Ewww.
Marika: Exclamation!
Emma: point.
Marika: Okay, again.
Marika: Ex-boyfriends
Emma: meh.
Marika: BLEH.
Emma: vomit.
Emma: zombies
Marika: MY WEDDING! (disclaimer: not my actual wedding, just a dream wedding where we were all undead)
Emma: Joy!
Marika: *JUSTIN* =)
Emma: Timberlake
Marika: *gasp*
Emma: Noooooooooo!


Emma: From the Admin Questions, "i tried to pay for a will call ticket but aint working out.pls get my name amosu moses,imma pay at the door.'
Marika: That's...challenging.
Emma: Very, it will take me hours to decipher the near Shakespearian English.
Marika: It's the iambic pentameter. *nods*
Emma: It is.


Marika: Suddenly I smell fresh baloney and it seems to be coming from my.... uh.... wow, that's weird.
Colleen: You know, this is the 2nd time you have mentioned the scent of meat products coming from your...
Marika: I know, the whole meat-smelling thing is starting to freak me out. Next time, I hope it's prosciutto.
Marika: Or bacon.


Today was gorgeous out and I'm feeling okay...but I'm also strangely frustrated and annoyed as all get out. Had a nice chat with an ex online and deflected like a champ (nothing annoys me more than people you've already dated acting like you have a future as a "joke", enter -forced laughter- HERE), but it was still nice to re-connect over good times and relay my current happiness with that one guy I'm dating...his name escapes me presently, but trust me--he's a winner. My trustworthy Esquire.

Besides my tiny, sandwich-ey fists of rage, bad attitude and lack of funds, I'm basically feeling great! I'm glad it's nice out and I'm happier posting on Livejournal, since it's not completely filled with Bobbleheads. Observe:


Colleen: *links to an event* (the link is to the WA Firefighter Calendar Judging Event)
Marika: I'M THERE.
Marika: I'm all about the Bobblehead events.
Marika: *bobs*
Colleen: um.
Colleen: PHEER.
Marika: WHOO-HOO, SPRING BREAK! *lifts shirt*


Have a great evening, y'all...
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