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11 April 2007 @ 12:58 pm
HTML Wickedness and Unicorns  
Myspace is ruining my life with its' constant routine maintenance (must keep the Girls Gone Wild whores happy, and let's not forget the VISA/IPOD/PS3/dating service solicitors), so my linkety-link-linkage blog shall be posted here; the linkety-link-link blog serves two purposes: 1) to dust off the ol' HTML skills of yore and, 2) to share the useless internet crap that comes to my attention during every minute of every work day. So let's begin!

Icapants sent me this and I almost died from how effing cute it was. So while they are not for sale yet, I will be first in line to purchase them when they are--a whole army of dancing peeps at my disposal. Observe, and if you have the time, also check out the actual dancing video--to Spoon's 'I Turn My Camera On', no less--right here:

If you want to learn about the new technology that makes this possible, check it out *right here!*

Colleen sent me this, probably to make me cry or something:

KITTENS! *purrrrrrrrrr...*

Anyhoo, one of my favorite websites wielded some great conversations today...so I'm going to list the ones that made me puke from joy.


Coworker #1: You've got really pretty eyes.
Coworker #2: Thanks.
Coworker #1: It's like you've got, um... What is it...?
Coworker #3: Downs Syndrome?
Coworker #1: Contact lenses.



Girl recording office voicemail: "If you know the person you are wishing to enter... Shit, that's not right."

Jubilee Road
Muncy, Pennsylvania


Homeless guy #1: Damn! I just got kicked out of the library! Damn!
Homeless guy #2: What did you do, man?
Homeless guy #1: I don't know. I don't know.
Homeless guy #2: Aren't you drunk?
Homeless guy #1: Well, yeah. Also, I might have been looking at dirty pictures on the computer.
Homeless guy #2: Aw, that's not so bad.
Homeless guy #1: And they said that I was being disrespectful to the librarians.
Homeless guy #2, freaking out: No way, man! You can never, never disrespect the librarians! Always respect librarians! What were you thinking? Are you an idiot?

Outside Boulder Public Library
Boulder, Colorado


20-something chick: Was it Colorado?
20-something dude: Yeah, that sounds right. There were a lot of unicorns.

Auburn, Massachusetts


So. The Aqua Teen movie is upon us. My favorite review can be raucously laughed at HERE and while you're there, check out an oldie but goodie.

Went for a 5 mile walk with my friend Linda yesterday--it was nice to catch up. Went home, wrote a bunch, hunkered down for the evening with some bologna sandwiches and Geek Love (re-reading it; actually, I finished it last night). Read the book, read it NOW.

Okay, looks like I'm done for the day so sayonara, see you later--I'm off to spend some QT with the Esq. Lucky me!
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