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06 November 2007 @ 12:42 pm
You Can't Spell Manslaughter Without "Laughter"  
Posted blog on Myspace today, but I wanted to share this convo with everyone:

Hung out with my kiddo at my parents' house Saturday night. Here is one of my favorite conversations with him, EVER--we were in the hot tub at the time:

Me: So how was Halloween?
Oren: Good.
Me: Did you like your 'Jason' costume?
Oren: (bored) Mmm-hm...
Me: He's kind of creepy.
Oren: (brightly) He was a manslaughterer!
Me: -pause-
Oren: (singing to himself) Maaaaaanslaaaaaaughterrrrrrrr!
Me: -laughs-
Me: Oooookay.
Oren: (singing) MaaaAAAAAAnslaaaaaaAAAAAAUghteeeeeERRRRRRRR!
Me: (singing) MaAAnslaaAAghterrRRR!
Oren: (singing back) Kiiiiill YOOOOOOOU!!!

Man, I've got a cool fucking kid.
Current Mood: amusedYou can't.